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Sep 14
If the government spent even half as much on health care as ABC is spending on marketing for Cougar Town the whole country would have insurance.

If the government spent even half as much on health care as ABC is spending on marketing for Cougar Town the whole country would have insurance.

Mar 25

Tres Bien Les Enfants

Today Georgie, the 17 month old girl I nanny and I took a French class at the Treehouse Social Club in Beverly Hills.

Mommy & Me French (ages 1 - 2 1/2 yrs)
The Alliance Française
Help your child get the strongest start possible with French. Counting, the alphabet, games, songs, and dances are emphasized in a total immersion environment. No prior knowledge of French required for child or parent. A different topic is covered every week.

Wednesdays, March 25 – May 20 (no class April 8)
9:30am - 10:15am

I took French in middle school and high school. I don’t think I ever received a grade above a C and during my Junior year I had to repeat French 2. Thats right from 5th grade until 11th grade I only made it through two levels of French. During my Junior year my teacher actually said to me “its so annoying to me that you had to repeat my class because now I have to change all my quizes and tests!” She was totally serious and did seem extremely annoyed. I was thinking “bitch, you think I remember your quizes and tests from last year?! hell no.” Instead I just said “I’m sure it can’t be as annoying as having to repeat a class because you didn’t receive the proper instruction the first time.”  I 100% considered my high school French teacher to be my nemesis.

Needless to say, the idea of “Baby French” was very appealing to me because I felt it would no doubt be more my speed. Turns out two babies in the class spoke better French than I. Show offs. I also learned that Clown is the same in French and English.

Oct 24

My next book purchase.

My next book purchase.

Oct 23

“…we all know that families now aren’t necessarily like Ozzie and Harriet (it turns out Ozzie and Harriet’s family wasn’t all Ozzie and Harriet)… family has a traditional context, but today it’s not as simple as two parents with 2.3 kids… it’s about relationships… it’s about people who are bound together by love and a sense of being responsible for one another… it’s spouses with no children, like Jeffrey and me… it’s a group of women who meet to cook dinner together once a month… it’s a one-parent family with adopted children… it’s two men who’ve made a life together… at the end of the day, all we have is love… getting love, but even more, feeling love…” Ina Garten

On Censorship and Equality

Recently I have been thinking a lot about personal rights. I have been considering rules. The gamut the notion of rules runs is long and wide. There are rules set in place by the government, rules imposed by law enforcement, landlords, parents, schools, parks, theaters, playgrounds, beaches, swimming pools, libraries, concert halls, grocery stores, the list could go on and on. Generally I think rules are a good thing. Did I mention I’m a total hippie and very liberal? Yes, being a “free spirit” and believing in rules can absolutely go hand in hand but I think a lot of people have lost sight of what the term rules really means and what the purpose of rules are in general.

What I oppose most when it comes to rules is censorship and severe lapses in equality. I believe in rules when they contribute to the greater good and protect the physical safety of those affected by them. I believe that every rule should have a why. Don’t run by the pool. Why? You could slip, fall in the pool and possibly drown. Don’t yell in a library. Why? It disturbs and disrespects the people around you who have come to read, research, study, and think in quiet. Most general rules that are followed every day have a solid answer of why they are in place. That is why people have no problem following them. It is when you impose rules that do not have a strong “why” that people do not want to follow them.

I think censorship in literature is atrocious. One of my favorite authors is Judy Blume. She is a great leader in the world of censorship and her books have influenced children an adults for decades. For just as long parents have felt that what she has written is immoral. Why? Well they feel its too much about sex. Yes she writes about sex, and puberty, she writes about what we all go through, what we all feel. She also writes about love and families.

Love and family, Ina Garten summed up what it’s all about when she said, “it’s about relationships… it’s about people who are bound together by love and a sense of being responsible for one another.” Just as censorship in literature is a ban on what is true and honest, a ban on gay marriage is censorship on love and family.

Gay marriage is illegal in the majority of states. Why? The strongest reason people who oppose gay marriage can come up with is that it threatens the role of family. Again I ask why? If family is about love and caring then how on earth could gender play a role? It teaches our children the wrong lesson, they protest. And again I ask why? How can you find something wrong with two people loving each other? Why would you want to do that? Why would you want to teach children that there is something wrong with love? I’m sure they would like to know too, anyone who has ever spent time with a small child knows how many questions they ask. The most common word out of their mouth is why. It’s wonderful. When they ask why two people who love each other can’t get married there is no answer, there is no why. If someone disagrees with that, sounds like a personal problem. And if the government is so keen on regulating personal problems then I have a huge issue with the lack of copies of Forever at my local library.

My name is Monday, I’m a mathematician.

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